30 June 2015

The musical Cats by Andrew Lloyd Webber composed in 1978/1979 from Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats and other poems of Thomas Stearns Eliot, will be fully performed in French at the Mogador Theatre, from October 2015 and for 90 performances.cats-logo-seo
Once a year during an extraordinary night, several cats with various personalities meet for their grand ball at a garbage dump.
Their wise and benevolent leader, Old Deuteronomy chooses the one that will enter paradise “félinosphère” to reborn in a whole new life “Jellicle”.
Among the characters, Grizabella, played by Prisca Demarez is a due glory, she use to be very beautiful and now rejected by her family, remembering her glorious past. She will particularly sing the iconic title of the show “Memory”.
More than 73 million spectators since 1981, adapted in 20 languages, 8,949 performances in London, 7485 in New York, and for the second time in Paris.
Throughout the month of September you can attend the sneak peeks.
Director Trevor Nunn, choreographer and director Gillian Lynne associated, set designer John Napier and composer Andrew Lloyd Webber