Fairground in the windows !

10 November 2017

Roll up, roll up!

For this new, festive season, young and old will be
literally whisked away by the world of an early 20th Century Paris fairground,
reconstructed in the windows of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann.

The barrel organ draws you in with its catchy rhythm, whilst you follow the feverish race between Pierre, the hero pigeon and his sweetheart, Coco the gentle dove.

In this exaggerated Paris, where a certain 20s surrealism collides with a baroque art deco spirit, a ferris wheel, claw machine, roller coasters…your head will be spinning, but fortunately  at the end of the journey they find each other in the sky above Paris. Exactly above the Dome at Galeries Lafayette.

Life is good. Life is a party. And Christmas too!