In the time of Klimt, The Vienna Secession

11 February 2015
In the time of Klimt, The Vienna Secession


From February 12th to June 21st, 2015,

at La Pinacothèque of Paris, 28 Place de la Madeleine

(10mn walk distance from the Best Western Opera d’Antin)

180 works taken from Belvedere museum collection and also private collection show the evolution of Gustav Klimt from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the Expressionism.

For the first time in France we can appreciate the reconstitution of monumental works as Judith I and Beethoven Frieze. Along the visit you will see his most important works of his life and also some rare documents on his artist life and family.

“A very particular attention is furthermore paid to the first years of the Secession and to the influence it exercides on the artist’s formation through the major Viennese intellectuals, such as Carl Schuch, Tina Blau, Théodor Hörmann, Josef Engelhart, Max Kurzweil, who, just like him, spent time in Paris at that period. the artistic personalities who influenced his art are summoned up thanks to a choice of paintings coming from the Belvedere, presented alongside works describing the history of the movement’s patrons. Thus, the exhibition shows important masterpieces from the Secession and from the Austrian vanguard, such as the first works by Egon Schiele and Oskar Kokoschka.

A final section of the exhibition is devoted to Viennese art forms, to the ancient and refined trade of craftsmanship, which engendered pieces of furniture, and to precious jewels, to splendid ceramics, as well as complex reconstructions of works and of rich historical documents, witnesses to the genesis and to the evolution of great artists and architects of that period, such as Adolf Loos, Josef Hoffmann and the Viennese Studio.”

At the Best Western Opéra d’Antin we dedicate the decor to Gustav Klimt, you will recognize reproductions of his main work everywhere in the hotel.

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